26. Don’t you want to kiss me?


So this is going to be a quick post because The Walking Dead is on in an hour and I need to be at the TV Screen. Just kidding, I have to wait until later to watch it with a certain someone, but  I thought I’d spend my time while I wait by blogging. While I’m waiting for appliers for the Belleza body, I’ve been wearing the hell out of the Shops Mesh body. Every single thing I’ve put on that has been mesh I’ve been able to wear with this body and this dress is no different. It’s at  Collabor88 this month. and I thought I’d show you guys this awesome dress from Tres Blah. You hear that girls with The Shops Mesh body, or any mesh body, you can probably wear this dress as nicely as I do.  The mouth and hair… well it’s Halloween. Happy Sunday.

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25. My Favorite Faded Fantasy.


So it’s been a while since I’ve updated. It’s now fall, Halloween to be exact, which means I can wear all sorts of demonic things I like and say it’s in the spirit of the holiday. I used to rock the “demonic” look a long time ago, and I actually miss it.  I’m not really doing it in this post, but stay tuned cause I’m sure I’ll post myself as a bloody mess soon (I’ll still look cute though!). So I gave into temptation and bought The Shops mesh body.  While I like Belleza’s body, I’m waiting on appliers for it, so until then I’m going to rock this body.  I love this body, especially with this dress from Foxes.  You can find this dress at the Uber Event. All I had to do was push my boobies  back and I was in business.  The skin I’m wearing is from Pink Fuel. Lately I haven’t been this light in a while, but when I saw all the appliers that came with the skin for how little it costs, I couldn’t resist. Look how fucking nice this body is!! Anyway, hopefully you like the look and give me some feedback in the comments or on facebook/flickr. Have a good rest of the week. ❤

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