27. Everybody knows I’m a motherfucking monster.


There are 894893248932894 events going on in SL right now. No joke! Check out http://seraphimsl.com/ if you think I’m lying. I hopped of work today and went to three or four events to make this outfit I’m wearing right now. The BEST thing is I have a new skin from Pink Acid that I spent hours on tweaking so I can wear a loud mouth with it, and I took that loud mouth off to wear this tattoo on my face. Lovely right? I should be in a tank top or something so you can get the full effect of it. Maybe I’ll do that tomorrow. This look is well… let’s say I’m a mom right? And I want to take my child trick or treating (still with me?), I kind of want to dress up, but not really. <— That’s my look inspiration. I wanted to make a look that screams I’m wearing just enough to pass at this Halloween Party I’m attending where dressing up is mandatory. Either way, I like the look and I hope you do too. If you need to know where something is specifically, just message me in world (Clear Canning). Onward to credits! Have a good Wednesday.

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04. It feels good to have the internet, and mesh parts.


Hey there, it’s Clear here with a new post. I haven’t posted in over a month due to limit net/real life issues, but I’m back! The first thing I did was giving myself a much needed make over. One of my best friends of all time, and SL sister told me about a lovely place called The Sugar Garden for skins, and at first I was a little apprehensive because I’m not that big on Asian skins on myself, but these skins are seriously adorable and they come with an assortment of attachments to make your avatar pretty like appliers for your tango and lola boobs (I have both), lip gloss,  hand attachments, blush tattoos, and more! I couldn’t get enough of it. The beauty about SL is that you can change yourself into anything and be anyone, which I like. Since they had the appliers for the boobs, I also decided to get them for my Lush Breasts. I know boobs aren’t for everyone, and I’m not entirely sure they’re for me, but they’re fun! While I do have the Tangos, I like the Lush Breasts a little bit better. They’re not as pointy as the tangos, which I like. And apparently since I’ve been gone there are a lot of skin makers who make appliers for tangos now. If you’re reading this and you know any, send me a comment or message me in world! I’m always up for looking at new skin, but for now I think I’ll stick with this sweet skin from The Sugar Garden. It looks pretty good with the hair right? Have a good Sunday and see you on the grid.

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