27. Everybody knows I’m a motherfucking monster.


There are 894893248932894 events going on in SL right now. No joke! Check out http://seraphimsl.com/ if you think I’m lying. I hopped of work today and went to three or four events to make this outfit I’m wearing right now. The BEST thing is I have a new skin from Pink Acid that I spent hours on tweaking so I can wear a loud mouth with it, and I took that loud mouth off to wear this tattoo on my face. Lovely right? I should be in a tank top or something so you can get the full effect of it. Maybe I’ll do that tomorrow. This look is well… let’s say I’m a mom right? And I want to take my child trick or treating (still with me?), I kind of want to dress up, but not really. <— That’s my look inspiration. I wanted to make a look that screams I’m wearing just enough to pass at this Halloween Party I’m attending where dressing up is mandatory. Either way, I like the look and I hope you do too. If you need to know where something is specifically, just message me in world (Clear Canning). Onward to credits! Have a good Wednesday.




Skin: Pink Acid – Banshee Twin *At the Cosmetic Fair!*
Eyes (1): Song – Gloom // Verde Eye *At the Cosmetic Fair!*
Eyes (2): IKON – Promise Eyes – Hazel
Eyelashes: GA – Mesh Lashes Mysteria
Ears: Mandala – Stretched Ears
Hands: Slink – Gesture
Ass: Luck Inc – Bubble Butt Fitted Mesh (NOT SOLD)
Horns: .Random.Matter. – Borgin Horns *At the Bloody Horror Fair!*
Mouth Tattoo: Beusy – Open Mouth Tattoo *At the Cosmetic Fair!*
Hairbase: Just Magnetized – Natural Hairbase
Hair/Hat: Little Bones – Hex *At the Cosmetic Fair!*
Nose Chain: .Random.Matter. – Sanza Nose Chain
Jeans: Cynful – Zia Denim Trash Dark Blue
Leather Jacket/Hoodie: MotiAme – Leather Jacket With Hoodie *At Kustom9!*
Boots: Flite – Rustic Gray *At Seasons Story!*


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