23. She Wants To Move.



Greetings people who read this post. I went to Chapter 4 this morning and picked up this outfit. There are a lot of cute things there I’m going to have to take my time and look at one day. What I did to today was fix my WowMeh body. I’m wearing the Insize version with the sliders on max so I can get that thick feel but still fit in my mesh clothes when I want to wear it. I’m so sad this is now discontinued because I love the body! I hope creators don’t stop creating for it because it literally takes a minute to make an applier and so many of us still have one.  I also thought I’d make a tattoo layer for my eyebrows so I can erase them and wear brows I want to wear. I was pretty productive today (not really). Anyway hope y’all are having a good week, we’re halfway through it!





Shape: My Own
Eyes: Ikon – Promise Eyes Hazel
Teeth: Whatever – Teeth 2.0
Ears: – The Skinnery – Puki Mesh Ears
Eyebrows: Beauty No. 1 – Cara Brows
Skin: The Skinnery – Marnie 9 Toffee Rare (At the Arcade)
Freckles: Pekka
Hands: Slink – Elegant
Hair: Little Bones – Sweetheart (at the Swag Fest)
Body: Wowmeh Insize
Rings: Panik Rares & Luxury Midi Rings
Nose Chain: Random Matter – Sanza Nose Chain
Head Jewel: Random Matter – Arrietty Head Jewel
Bracelets: Miam Miam Jewelry – Gold/Resin Bangles
Outfit: Amitomo – Long Tshirt and Waist Shirt (At Chapter 4)
Shoes: Flite – Outsiders Studded White Rare (At the Arcade)



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