16. Plastik at the Skin Fair 2013.

Greetings fellow readers. If you haven’t been to The Skin Fair 2013 yet I just have one thing to say to you: WHAT ARE YOU WAITING FOR? There’s just enough time left to pick up demos of my favorite skins that I’m still showing off here. I apologize that it’s taking so long, but real life sometimes get in the way! Today we’re going to look at the lovely skins from Aikea Rieko of Plastik. This skin is called Astrali, and Astrali comes in several tones that I think people will find delightful. There’s also a lot that comes in a single folder. There are multiple eyebrow shapes, 4 different shades of skins, freckles, lip tats,masks, eyes, mesh eyes, the works. I love the skin tones on this and I feel so sexy and dangerous in this skin.





Different freckle options on tattoo layers.


Lip tattoos.


Optional face tattoos (plenty more are in the folders!)


Sold separately: Astrali eyes.

Check out Plastik at the Skin Fair asap!


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