14. Izzie at the Skin Fair (Part Six!)

Greetings! I bet by now you guys have been to The Skin Fair 2013 and you have your faves, but since this is going on for the entire month I still have a bunch load of skins to show off. 🙂 The next one  I’m going to show you is from Izzie’s by Izzie Button. Below, this lovely skin is called Asia. Asia comes in six different tones: dark tan, ginger, light, medium, peach, and tanned. Each skin has dark brows, light brows, blonde brows, and red brows. It also has an optional cleavage skin and 3 eyeliners, 6 lipsticks, and 6 eyeshadows on tattoo layers. ALSO what I love is that in a notecard she included the RBG values for  tinting our mesh feet and hands. I seriously love this because I’m so bad at tinting!  The skin fair isn’t over yet so if you have plenty of time to go back to The Skin Fair and check out Izzie’s booth. Happy shopping!




See you at the Skin Fair!


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