11. Mons at the Skin Fair 2013 (Part 4).

Good morning. There’s only one day left before the The Skin Fair 2013 is open to the public.  When it’s officially open to the public I promise to come back with the map and the SLURLs for the stores. In this post we’re going to check out Mons Skins by Ekilem Melodie. The skin I’m featuring in this post is called Cat.  Cat comes in three different skin tones.



Light, Tan, Bronze

This skin comes with an optional cleavage skin because you know we all like to have the perfect boobs, especially in SL.


Cat comes in four make ups: dark, smock, soft, and spring.


It also comes in 4 different eyebrow options: dark brow, light brow, natural brow, red brow.

This skin is definitely work checking out once the Skin Fair is open. See you there, and don’t forget if you like this skin to go visit Mons’ main store in the meantime.



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