10. Shine at the Skin Fair 2013! (Part 3)

Greetings! All week long I’m going to showcase some of the favorite skin I found while searching The Skin Fair this week. I was fortunate enough to get in on the blogger’s preview, but it’ll open to the public this coming Friday! Soon I’ll be able to give you landmarks and show you a map of where all of your favorite stores will be. Today I’ll be showcasing skin from Love Foxdale of **SHINE** (click here for her store on the Market Place, too!).  She has been making skins since 2010, but this is my first time actually hearing about her and I’m glad I have.  I just read on her blog that she also makes shoes so I definitely need to check her out. What Love Foxdale has to offer at this coming’s skin fair is a pretty skin called Anela. It comes in five different shades (deep tan, pale, tan, and ultra pale). Below is a pretty picture of the skin tones.



The ultra pale isn’t ultra pale to me. (I’m a ghost in SL if you see me in my regular skin), but it’s a pretty shade. Attached in the folder is a shape to go with the skin, but for this post I’m using my own shape and the ultra pale tone to show off the other make ups which are: Magenta, Natural, Pink,  Red, and Smokey(not shown).


 The skin also has three sets of cleavage options. The first picture is the skin without the optional tattoo layers.


There’s also a tattoo layer for  face freckles, teeth (sexy or cute option), and of course the freckles for the teeth option. There’s also a tattoo layer for pubic hair (shaved heart, landing strip, etc) if you’re into that.

 For more information about Shine products, please check out the official website and facebook. Only two more days until the Skin Fair opens officially! Don’t forget to stop at **SHINE**’s booth and grab a couple of demos to see what you’ll look like in this skin. Have a great rest of the day and I’ll be back with more.


Hair:  Burley – Diana Magnate Roots Pack



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