008. Skin Fair. Part 1.


I’m excited to bring you guys the next few posts because it’s going to be all about my favorite thing in SL. SKIN.  Starting March 15 through the 31st La Petite Morte & Style by Kira presents  the Skin Fair. Now it’s going to happen on TWO sims. I love this time in SL because all of the top designers get together and create the best skins to date. I also love doing the lag walk dance because I’m impatient and I can’t wait. I’ll be giving you more details about this event prior to the opening, but if you want to know the stores that are participating, please click this.

Today I’ll be talking about a few skins in particular, depending on how fast I can blog them. Each skin is going to get their separate post. The first one I’m going to talk about is  this new lovely skin by Shirousagi Noel of Snow Rabbit. She just doesn’t have skin out for sale at the fair, but a complete mesh head with matching skin, eyes, make up, and easy to use hud. We all know mesh heads are the lasted eye candy in SL these days and when I saw it, I couldn’t wait to show it to everyone because I’m made of nothing but mesh parts these days.


Now you can’t wear the skin without itself, but why would you want to when you have this lovely mesh head to wear? What I love about it is that all colors are included in the head that’s easy to use. There are several shades you can wear: Dark Beige, Bronze, Milky White, Natural White, ad Natural Beige. There’s only one head, but via the easy to use hud you pick the color of skin that you want and that’s it.  Also through the hud you can change the make up ( eyelash, lip color, blush, eye shadow, and even a beauty mark.) Now it’s one of those blue menus so you can’t see it before you pick it, I don’t see anything wrong with that.  You can change the colors of your eyes. You can either have them match each other or wear different color eyes which is cool. There’s also an attachment that makes you tear up. I could be wrong, but there’s not a lot of angry expressions you can make with the face—unless I haven’t found it yet, but I love the natural movement of the face. You look happy all of the time. My only complaint with this is that it’s a full mesh head so if you like to wear tattoo hair bases to go with your hair, you can’t. But my favorite part of this is:



In closing this is probably one of my favorite mesh heads and I probably won’t be taking it off for a while. Make sure you try a demo of this when The Skin fair opens this Friday.


Hair: Burley – Vanessa

Hair: Truth – Video Games *At the Arcade*

See you at the Skin Fair this weekend!


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